Why Choose Tailored Therapies?

why choose Tailored Therapies?

Why Tailored-Therapies?

At Tailored-Therapies treatments are charged via appointment times rather than by the type of treatment you are having. This allows for the session to be catered to your individual needs, creating a treatment bespoke to you. During your consultation the practitioner will discuss treatment options with you and construct a programme that will be of most benefit to you.

We believe that any coaching or holistic therapy delivered should be of the highest standard available and from the moment you walk through the door you will be treated as an individual. Many people believe holistic therapies are a luxury or an indulgence, but in reality they are a way to help maintain a healthier body and mind.

Tailored-Therapies operates from a professional clinic located in a quiet road in Little Neston. It is ideal for all treatments and enables you to be treated in a relaxing, soothing atmosphere, free from outside disturbances. You can sink into relaxation with the help of peaceful music and fragrant incense and oils. 
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