What Is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic Therapies

What is Holistic Therapy?

Alternative/Holistic therapies are techniques created to promote health and a general sense of well being. Each type of therapy is unique and enables the practitioner to improve levels of relaxation, improve mood, aid sleep and relieve tension, anxiety and stress.

Holistic therapy considers the person as the whole self, body mind and spirit and provides a caring and non-invasive treatment. Anyone can benefit from coaching and holistic therapies regardless of mobility, age or gender. It can improve relaxation levels and help relieve stress and tension, as well as reduce the symptoms of everyday aches and pains.

NB: Holistic Therapists cannot claim to cure, diagnose, or prescribe and therapies should not be used in place of conventional medicine. It is a often used as a complementary addition in hospices, hospitals, and other care settings to achieve a greater sense of well-being and offer suggestions and recommendations, however you should always consult your GP or a health care professional for medical attention and advice.