What Can Therapies Do For Me?

What can Holistic Therapy Do for me?

You may already be aware of how certain symptoms you experience may become more apparent as a result of stress.

Some people find when they are stressed or anxious they may get ‘butterflies in their stomach’ or their breathing and heart rate may change. We talk about the effects of stress on the body in greater detail in our section ‘What is Stress’. We are strong believers that wellness of the body comes from wellness of the mind, and vice versa.

Both physical and emotional well-being depends upon the balance and flow of energy through the body, holistic therapy helps to restore this balance allowing the body to heal itself naturally, whilst at the same time aiding relaxation and in turn encouraging the body to rest and relax creating a feeling of calm.

Our job is to tailor the treatment for you, and make you feel at ease before, during and after treatment. At the end of the session you will be given any relevant aftercare advice and any other information which we feel will benefit you and your treatment.