Tailored Packages

We have developed several unique packages of therapies in order to inspire you to invest in yourself or your loved ones and experience a holistic approach to health and well-being. 

Hawaiian Heaven (90 mins)

A full body hot oil massage with aromatherapy, chakra balance, hot stones, reflexology and Indian head massage. Allowing you to travel to the shores of tropical islands and connect body, mind and soul as you completely unwind and let go of all stress

Me Time(90 mins) 

Massage to the back, neck and shoulders using a blend of aromatherapy oils specific to your needs, followed by reiki and reflexology to re-balance your energy systems. An ideal therapy to completely unwind, relieve tension and boost your body’s circulation and digestive systems.

Immune Booster(60 mins)

The Immune Booster Treatment is a helping hand to kick start your lymphatic system and re-balance your nervous system. Lymphatic drainage massage uses gentle and rhythmic movements to stimulate the lymphatic vessels and remove waste products from the body. It is deeply relaxing and an ideal therapy for fluid retention, chronic fatigue, stress or digestive disorders.

Pure Comfort(60 mins) 

A warm oil massage, infused with spice fragrances followed by a cleansing chakra balance. A perfect therapy for helping reduce pain in the muscles and calm the nervous system.

Stress Buster (60 mins) 

Remedial back, neck and shoulder massage using a revitalising blend of aromatherapy oils, followed by massage to the scalp and face using acupressure to alleviate any blockages in the sinuses. An ideal therapy to reduce tension,increase concentration and boost energy levels.

Sanctuary (60 mins) 

Indian Head Massage using a calming & relaxing blend of aromatherapy oils followed by Reiki & Crystal therapy to energise and balance. An ideal therapy to bring about a state of harmony and deep relaxation. Relieves stress & anxiety and aids sleep.

Pregnancy Bliss (60 mins) 

A relaxing massage to the back, neck and shoulders using a blend of aromatherapy oils that are safe to use during pregnancy, followed by massage to the legs to stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling of the ankles. The therapy is then finished with reflexology to the feet balancing the hormonal and digestive systems to relieve symptoms experienced as a result of the pregnancy.

Divine Comfort (60 mins) 

A full body massage using Hot Stones and a blend of aromatherapy oils specific to your needs. Perfect to warm through your whole body, reduce chronic pain and tension in the joints and muscles and alleviate stress.

Quick fix (30 mins) 

A remedial massage to the back, neck and shoulders using refreshing and invigorating oils to help release any aches and pains and boost energy levels for the rest of the day.


30 minutes sessions             £30

60 minutes sessions             £40

90 minutes sessions             £50