Sports & Remedial Massage

Why Choose Sports & Remedial Massage?

There are many benefits of sports & remedial massage and it can be useful for anyone who requires a deep tissue massage or suffers from everyday aches and pains.

Sports massage restores muscle balance and stimulates the nervous system to release muscle tension. It helps to prevent and treat injuries, boost performance levels and improve lymphatic flow within the body in order to eliminate toxins more effectively.
Sports massage can be used as part of your recovery from training for injury prevention or pre-event as part of your warm up to improve performance.

Who can benefit from Sports & Remedial Massage?

Everyone can benefit from sports & remedial massage.
Whether you are a regular athlete or sportsperson, occasional golfer, work in an office, or simply want to remain fit, with healthy muscles & joints; sports massage can meet your personal goals, help you maintain them and ultimately enhance your performance.

We’ve, most likely, all experienced that muscle twinge, back, neck or shoulder pain, sprains & strains, nagging injuries that never quite heal, or joint stiffness at some time in our lives. The important thing is not to leave it and think or hope it will just get better on it’s own.

Things may improve in the short term, but that discomfort often reoccurs, and without intervention, the problems may never really heal. Treatments are always tailored to your individual needs, and your long-term personal objectives.
Sports massage can help with many different muscular issues such as muscular strains or tension, postural issues and fatigue.

Benefits and Effects of Sports & Remedial Massage

*         Improves circulation & lymphatic flow

*         Relaxes muscles

*         Helps to prevent injuries and loss of mobility

*         Increases athletic performance and flexibility

*         Assists healing and restores mobility to injured muscle tissue

*         Breaks down unwanted scar tissue

*         Extends the life of a sports person’s career

*         Assists in the removal of metabolic waste (lactic acid)

*         Assists in mental preparation for sporting participation

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