Pregnancy Reflexology

Why Choose Pregnancy Reflexology?

Pregnancy is a very special period in woman’s life. However, most women find that they go through significant changes both physically and emotionally. As well as being physically tiring, unpredictable hormones can stir up feelings of fear, excitement, anxiety and stress.

Pregnancy Reflexology is aimed specifically at women during pre-conception, pregnancy, labour and the post-natal period restoring your body’s natural balance, alleviating physical discomfort and reducing levels of anxiety & stress. Research has shown that regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy can shorten the duration of labour, with many women requiring less pain-relief and putting you in the best possible condition for your birth experience.

Of course, reflexology not only benefits the mother-to-be but also the baby in utero, as the calm and well being that the mother feels, will go on to encourage a calm, happy and contented baby.

Benefits of Reflexology During Pregnancy

*         Helps with insomnia and sleep problems

*         Relieves stress and anxiety, improving general relaxation

*         Increases energy levels

*         Reduces heartburn, nausea and vomiting

*         Relieves backache and sciatica

*         Lowers blood pressure

*         Alleviates constipation and water retention

NB Reflexology is safe and effective during pregnancy. It is, however, not recommended if there is a history of premature labour, severe hypertension, placenta previa or recent vaginal bleeding. If you suspect any problems in your pregnancy it is important to contact your GP or midwife before booking a treatment.
During Labour
Research has shown that women who have regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy are more likely to have a shorter labour and require less pain relief. Other benefits include:

*         Reduced discomfort

*         Co-ordination and acceleration of regular contractions 

Please note; in the aims of balancing the body, if it is not time for the baby to arrive, then baby will stay put. However, receiving reflexology will make sure that your body is in the best possible condition to deal with the labour.


After nine months of change and anticipation some women find they need a little help finding themselves again. Reflexology may help you regain your equilibrium along with general post-natal recovery and breastfeeding. It also assists with:

*         Inadequate lactation or engorged breasts

*         Water retention and constipation

*         Stress, anxiety and postnatal depression

*         Sleep problems

*         Increasing energy levels
How is reflexology helpful to women trying for a baby?
The Association of Reflexologists gathers feedback from their members, and it indicates that over 50% of clients seeking reflexology in connection with conception find themselves pregnant within six months. It is very important to understand that reflexology is not a medical treatment, or indeed a substitute for the medical treatment of infertility and it cannot be guaranteed that the end result will be pregnancy, however the benefits of reducing stress levels can increase the overall chances of conception. 
Whatever the symptoms, it is essential to consult your GP/Consultant so that all tests can be carried out for both partners, and a diagnosis made regarding any possible cause of fertility problems. There is usually a combination of factors which create fertility problems and reflexology aims to address these by restoring balance within the body, reducing any stress and pressure experienced whilst trying to conceive, and helping to regulate hormones.
It is beneficial for both partners to receive reflexology when trying for a baby, optimising your chances of a successful outcome. If you have any questions or want to know how Reflexology can benefit you then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or look at our Frequently Asked Questions:

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