Indian Head Massage

Why Choose Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage helps to melt away tension that we store in our upper body, allowing us to clear our minds, calm our worries and release stress. The massage can be invigorating or relaxing, depending on what your body needs at the time.The experience leaves you feeling re-vitalised, re-balanced, re-focused and truly relaxed. The benefits of the treatment are widespread even though it only focuses on the upper body.

Indian Head Massage increases blood and lymphatic flow to the head, neck & shoulders; relaxing the muscles and reducing inflammation in the tissues.

It improves circulation to the scalp, hair and skin, increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain and restoring the energy flow within the body, helping to clear the mind and increase mental alertness.

Benefits and Effects of Indian Head Massage

*         Creates a sense of calm and well-being

*         Soothes away anxiety, stress, tension and releases mental pressure

*         Helps to relieve sinus pain, headaches and eyestrain

*         Stimulates blood supply to the scalp, improving hair condition

*         Relieves muscle tension and tightness in the jaw, neck, shoulders and upper back

*         Stimulates and increases circulation to the face, head, neck,shoulders and back

*         Rejuvenates and boosts energy levels

The treatment is carried out with the client lying on a massage couch, covered with towels and specially blended massage oils are used to massage the back and neck, for complete relaxation.

If you have any questions or want to know how Indian Head Massage can benefit you then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or look at our Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Indian Head Massage?

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