Crystal Therapy

Why Choose Crystal Therapy?

Crystal therapy is based on the theory that the resonance and vibrations of the crystals can amplify and focus the natural energies of the recipient’s own mind and body. Crystals are thought to alleviate blockages in the flow of energy around the body working on the chakras.

The chakra is a concept of Indian origin literally meaning ‘wheel’ and it is a system used in many different types of therapy. Each chakra relates to different functions of the mind and body and also relates to specific colours. Different crystals and gemstones are believed to trigger a series of healing responses within the body; helping to clear any imbalances and to re-align natural energy flow.

Crystal therapy is a very calming therapy, reducing stress and promoting deep relaxation. It accelerates the body’s own healing ability, restoring wholeness and allowing built up emotions and stress to be released. The benefits can be felt long after the treatment.

Crystal therapy is useful for alleviating stress, stimulating the immune system, increasing memory and re-energising.

Benefits and Effects of Crystal Therapy

*          Reduces stress

*          Relieves anxiety and depression

*          Promotes relaxation

*          Eases menstrual problems/PMS

*          Relieves headaches and migraines

*          Relieves digestive problems

*          Promotes sleep and reduces insomnia

*          Alleviates fatigue

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