Body Massage

Why Choose Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy manipulates soft tissue through the warming and kneading of muscles using various techniques. It aims to release tension and knotty fibres in the muscles by increasing circulation and lymphatic flow through the body.

It stimulates the body’s natural detoxification and healing process, slowing down breathing and heart rate and lowering blood pressure. Regular massage treatments can begin to mobilise stiff joints,improve posture and flexibility,reduce pain in the muscles and joints,improve muscle tone and relax both mind and body.

Massage is useful as a preventative therapy to maintain good health and well-being,stimulating the nervous system and reversing the ‘fight or flight’ response that can lead to stress related illness.As the circulation is stimulated, blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients to all of the body’s cells and is key to helping muscles eliminate waste products such as lactic acid that may collect in muscles causing pain. 

Benefits and Effects of Massage Therapy

*         Creates feelings of relaxation and well being

*         Promotes health and well being

*         Increases circulation and releases toxins from the muscles

*         Supports relaxation and improves sleep

*         Strengthens the immune system

*         Improves posture

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What is Massage Therapy?

What happens during the session?

What happens after the session?